A solution to permanent or long-term Isolation

18 March 2019

If you are looking for a solution to permanent or long-term isolation of piping, storage tanks or equipment, Strahman Line Blinds are your answer.

The Line Blinds come in two distinct varieties - spreading and non-spreading - both having their advantages depending on the application. The spreading type (700 series), as its name implies, spreads the adjacent pipe flanges apart to allow for the spectacle plate to seal the upstream pipe. The advantage of this type is cost-effectiveness.

The non-spreading types (760, 740, 765 770, 780) use a Cam system to create space between the body flanges allowing the spectacle plate to rotate or slide into position. The non-spreading type's major advantages are the design doesn't create any undue pipe stress, allow for pipe misalignment or make the pipe sag while the line is in the process of being shut down.

A quick look at how each series stacks up.

Line (Blind) Up 760 series (sliding and non-spreading): Great series to start with and part of our quick ship program. 740 series (rotating and non-spreading): If spacial issues are a concern with the sliding types spectacle plate, look here. 765 series (compact and non-spreading): Studded flanges allow for a shorter face-to-face dimension, making it a compact unit. 770 series (enclosed, non-spreading and compact): 3 sides are closed to prevent spillage during blinding, also with studded flanges. 780 series (sliding and non-spreading Goggle type): If you need something large, 24" through 100", this is the series to look at. 700 series (rotating and spreading): Jack bolts are used to spread the unit and process pipe so spectacle plate can seal.