ROSS®announces low-temperature ratings of valves

05 December 2018

ROSS® has earned a reputation for rugged reliability and long service life in these challenging applications. For decades ROSS® Series 21 valves have successfully operated in -40°F (-40°C) conditions. Similarly, many ROSS® legacy products have been installed in circuits with the Series 21, even though the applications were well below the conservative temperature ratings published in ROSS®catalogue. It is well-known that water vapour in an air system has the potential to cause the formation of ice when operating at temperatures below +40°F (4°C). ROSS® has historically used this principle to guide the low-temperature ratings of many legacy products instead of using the actual temperature capability of the valve design. Recently, ROSS CONTROLS® has announced modernized low-temperature ratings on many of its legacy products.  In the coming months, ROSS CONTROLS® will verify the low-temperature ratings of its products and is gearing for another announcement.