Parker H Series ISO valve

11 October 2018

The H Series ISO Valve is a family of base mounted valves that are available in five size ranges (02, 02, 2, 2, and 3) with flow from 0.55 to 6 Cv. This product family has a 5/2 or 5/3 function with a dual 3/2 function available in the 02 size.

These valves, though their plugin or non-plugin types, allow for mounting on single sub bases or manifolds to provide convenience to the user of multiple wiring options. Electrical connections to these valves can be made through the manifold, using either hard wire or industrial networking technologies. The H Series ISO family allows for multiple collective wiring and networking options to connect back to the controller, offering the best in customisation and functionality. The valve sizes 02, 01, 1, and 2 can be mounted on the same manifold without transition kits to correctly size the valve for the application at hand, with no wasted spaces when mounting with the universal manifold. All valves in this series are designed to meet ISO 5599 and 15407 standards.

The Parker H Series ISO valve platforms, such as the 5599 and 15407, assure that maintenance, replacement, and future modifications are as easy as possible. Additionally, pneumatic zoning allows the disconnection of pilot pressure, bringing the valve quickly to a sage state while still maintaining main supply pressure. This ability is perfect for applications in safe state zoning or cylinder road lock applications.