hanningfield rotary valve enables accurate dosing

10 August 2018

Typically found installed above mixers, tablet presses and packing lines, the heavy-duty rotary valve from hanningfield allows for accurate dosing of material.

Using an electric motor rotating the rotor 360°, the heavy-duty rotary valve is designed for applications where greater control and accuracy of dosing is required. The valve is of fully stainless steel construction with ‘labyrinth’ design where there is no sealing gasket between the two faces. The labyrinth seal makes it particularly suitable for use in applications where the wear of the gaskets is not acceptable. The number and volume of pockets can be customized in order to achieve a specific dosage.

The valve possesses several beneficial features such as quick assembly and dissembly, easy maintenance and cleaning, no metal-to-metal contact, cGMP design, contact parts made from 316L and FDA compliant non-metallic parts. The valve can feed high volumes of powder at a controlled rate.