IMI Critical supplies isolation valves for FCC

16 May 2018

IMI Critical has received its first order for new triple eccentric butterfly valves, tailored for Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) applications.

IMI Z&J Houston has won a contract to supply USD 1.5M worth of IMI Remosa’s triple eccentric butterfly valves, which it developed in co-operation with IMI Orton, to solve a customer’s problem with valves manufactured by a competitor.

A refinery in Oklahoma, USA, was in the process of revamping its FCC unit and the isolation system for two carbon monoxide boilers. Keen to solve issues with high leakage rates and operational problems, the customer approached IMI Z&J Houston for alternate valve designs to reduce gas leakage.

IMI Orton, IMI Remosa and IMI Z&J Houston collaborated to develop the new product, combining the IMI Orton triple eccentric butterfly valve design with the features required to withstand the severe conditions of the FCC process,.