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The December 2018 issue of Valve World contains among other articles:
Cover story
SMS TORK: Going the extra mile 
SMS TORK has been established more than 30 years ago. In roughly three decades, the Turkish company has gained significant market share in its domestic market. 

Project report
LNG Canada: the northern LNG route to Asia
During the third quarter of 2018, the single largest private sector investment project in Canadian history was given the green light. LNG Canada will build a 40 billion US dollar LNG export terminal in British Columbia, designated to serve the Asian market.

Type testing TAT part of the solution
Roughly 65% of all valves are not passing a Type Approval test (TAT) because these valves don't meet the expected requirements. It can also lead to serious malfunctions. Type Approval Tests (TAT) or Design Validation Testing (DVT) could be part of the solution.

End user
More cost-effective end-user procurement policies
Managing large-scale projects in any industry is a challenge, but when you are working within one of India's largest chemical producers the scale and complexity of the business requires an experienced and steady hand. Fortunately, Mr Mrinal Das, who was appointed Senior Vice President of Projects at Laxmi Organic Industries Ltd in early 2018, has decades of experience in overseeing projects around the world. 

Actuation & Networks
Depending on the application, hydraulic actuators offer various advantages over pneumatic ones for modulating and regulating valves. These advantages and disadvantages will be discussed with the side conditions that play a role when both hydraulic and pneumatic actuators can reasonably be used.

Actuation & Networks 
Valve actuators: Technologies and trends
Traditionally, valve actuation has been less well publicized and potentially construed as less important in the world of flow control than valves. But that is changing, and at an accelerating rate. This article will explore market drivers, significant developments and emerging trends that are behind this sharpening focus on valve automation.

Supply chain \ Roving bottlenecks 
There is an ongoing ebb and flow in production. More often than not, there is some turbulence in that flow – the degree can vary over time. Whether one is in production, sales, or any other department, people in industry are all familiar with such ongoing challenges and have developed various coping mechanisms.

Actuation & Networks
iAM reduces downtime for plant operators
The exciting technology from Rotork could save operators costly site downtime while giving them the opportunity to gain an even greater in-depth knowledge of the condition and status of their actuators and valves.

Valve failures, analysis and solutions
A description and analysis of several industrial valve problems and failures as well as proposed solutions in recent Norwegian projects. Problems in different areas will be addressed, such as valve design, manufacturing, material selection, coating, valve marking, inspection, preservation, and installation.

Power generation 
Radical change by 2050
A report released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) claims that about half the world’s power will be generated by wind and solar resources by 2050. Meanwhile power generation from coal will drop more than 70% from today’s levels, according to research from energy analysts in the New Energy Outlook 2018 report.  

Actuation & Networks
Taking connectivity to the next level
Plant operators seeking future-proof investment are adopting Industrial Ethernet-based communication technologies such as Profinet, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP to integrate field devices like valve actuators, sensors and pumps. Offering outstanding connectivity, these protocols enable enhanced data integration in IIoT applications, providing enormous potential to optimize processes and maximize plant availability.

Improving uptimes for coker valves
Continuing a round-up of the factors which can have a key influence on the uptimes of coker valves, this time focusing on firsthand experiences.

Meeting point 
Valve World 2018
Impressions from the premier valve and actuation event in the world: the Valve World Expo and the Valve World Conference. Both the expo and conference attracted 11,800 visitors in total, visiting Messe Düsseldorf from all corners of the globe.

Top of Mind 
Focus on the ‘forgotten middle’
Investing in young professionals could play a critical role addressing the skills shortage that threatens many engineering disciplines, according to the British Valve and Actuator Association (BVAA).

The future of coal fired power is in the RCEP
Potential valve sales to coal-fired power plants in Asia are simply huge, but suppliers do need to be very aware of emerging trade blocs.