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The March 2019 issue of Valve World contains among other articles:
Cover story
International ambitions from a family-oriented company
ARMATURY Group aspires to become a globally approved manufacturer of industrial valves. Over the years, the company has grown exceptionally fast. Nevertheless, top management is adamant they can, and will preserve the ethos of ARMATURY Group as a company with a family atmosphere with particular emphasis on responding to and satisfying client requirements.

Project report
Arctic LNG 2: the gas that comes in from the cold
The Yamal and Gydan Peninsulas, containing enormous gas reserves, is already solidifying Russia's position in the global oil and gas market. With the advance of the Arctic LNG-2 project, production is expected to increase in the coming years to serve Asian and European demand.

S&OP: What is it and why should you care?
Sales & Operational Planning is one of the most critical business processes used to achieve best in class performance to consistently outperform competitors. Key outcomes are, amongst other things, a higher customer service, lower finished goods inventories, more stable production rates and shorter customer lead times for make-to-order products.

End user
Staatsolie: Issues with control valves
Surinamese Staatsolie has had many issues regarding control valves in its Pressure Swing Adsorption unit. E&I engineer Jaimy Soerowirjo: “Initially, the production went very well in the first year but later on, we had serious issues due to wear and tear. At the moment we are working hard, together with suppliers, to prevent future problems."

Case study
Fail safe actuators aid fire safety in Swiss road tunnel 
Fire safety in tunnels is a prime concern for the highway authority in Switzerland. In the new Visp motorway tunnel, AUMA fail safe actuators help to keep an escape route free from smoke.

Karan Sotoodeh set to go subsea
The name of Karan Sotoodeh will be familiar to all in the Valve World community as he has been a long-standing and valued contributor to our magazine and conferences. Hearing rumours of changes afoot, Valve World therefore decided to ask Karan for a quick update on his future plans.

End user
Remote monitoring: matter of culture not technology
There are no technological or financial hurdles to implement remote monitoring in the post order management stage, according to Lino Papetti (Saipem). "The only obstacle might be company culture but this can be overcome in due time."

Editor’s Choice
Downhole steam injection valve takes next step towards North Sea reality
Pragma has been given the green light by Pharis Energy and OGTC to progress with the manufacture and prototype testing of their downhole steam injection valve (‘DSIV’) following a successful feasibility study.

Stainless steel
On a roll: stainless tubes and pipes sector thrives thanks to oil and gas
After a few difficult years, the stainless tubes and pipes sector is thriving thanks mainly to a comeback in the upstream oil and gas industry. Other growth sectors include power generation and desalination.

Why use top entry welded valves in LNG plants?
In the September 2018 edition of Valve World magazine, one of the articles dealt with reasons for selecting top entry butt-weld valves instead of side entry valves for LNG applications. Others have also spoken out in favour of top-entry designs, including Alderley’s Lead Valve Engineer Mark Goodfellow, who delivered a presentation at the Valve World 2018 Conference in Dusseldorf.

Meeting Point
Positive sentiment in Dortmund
Held on 20 and 21 February, the Pumps & Valves Dortmund 2019 show featured some of Germany’s best-known valve and actuator makers. Valve World dropped by to scout out new products and to gauge the business climate.

End user
Dow: Better insight into torque data
The sizing of actuators for on/off valves is an issue which needs more attention in the industry, say Kees Meliefste (Dow). “One of the problems is that there is no international standard for testing and validation of torque data by valve manufacturers. These 'paper' data need to be supported by documentation that proves how these data are generated."

Meeting Point
StocExpo returns to Rotterdam
StocExpo Europe, the world's leading international event for the tank terminal industry, will be celebrating 15 years of success when it returns to the Ahoy in Rotterdam on 26-28 March 2019. With key terminals such as Stolthaven Terminals and Inter Terminals among the list of over 200 exhibitors, the event is set to be bigger and stronger than ever.

Oil & gas
Five projects in LNG to watch in 2019
Global demand for natural gas is expected to grow in the next 5 years, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). This growth will be mainly fuelled by China. A significant part of this demand will be fulfilled by LNG coming from North-America, Qatar, and Russia. In terms of project development, the US will be leading the pack.

Projects & Tenders
From Antwerp to Oooguruk
Continuing our brief look at some of the projects making the headlines in recent weeks - projects where valves will certainly play a key role.

Ways to improve reliability and operational life of butterfly valves in service
Butterfly valves have long been used in process facilities in Russia where they are valued for their operation and performance. Nevertheless, there are many options available to further improve reliability and to extend the service life.

Madness in the hydrocarbon industry, part 2
A while ago Ingolf Holmslet wrote an article called: Why I dislike NPT threads. He would like to increase that statement and ask readers to follow him into a “war” against tapered threads used in the hydrocarbon industry.