High-performance coolants for titanium, superalloy

07 February 2012

Specially formulated for machining titanium, Inconel, hardened steels, stainless steels and other superalloys, MAG's new CYCLO COOL® 900 and 5000 series synthetic coolants are both additive free and low foaming. Created for the aerospace industry, the new coolants are an ideal replacement for semi-synthetics and soluble oils, providing significant cost savings with minimal initial cost, longer tool life, increased stock removal rates, long sump life, and freedom from biocides/fungicides/pH adjusters. These new coolants use unique synthetic formulations to provide boundary lubricant properties, while penetrating the heat barrier in the cutting zone, to absorb heat from the tool and part, and minimize chemical reactions between tools and workpieces. Both coolants are clear in use, allowing for visibility in the cutting zone. Low-foaming CYCLO COOL® 900 series coolants are intended for use in high-pressure, through-tool delivery systems at up to 2000 psi, as well as flood coolant for chip flushing. The lubrication package in the CYCLO COOL® 900 series varies to cover a range of applications. Three formulations are available to match the severity of the application, utilizing concentrations in the 5-7 percent range. 900 series coolants reject 99 percent of tramp oil, allowing easy removal and reducing mist levels.

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