Zoedale to distribute BC’s EZ valves in the UK

31 October 2014

Zoedale is now the UK Partner of Bernard Controls (BC), manufacturers of high-end electric actuators for oil and gas, water and power applications.

In order to expand their product portfolio to service manufacturing and low risk industry applications, Bernard Controls has launched the new EZ range of actuators. Read more...

New lockless SOUTHCO AC-30 and AC-40 actuators

30 October 2014

The new stable, resilient and corrosion-resistant SOUTHCO AC-30 and AC-40 actuators are now available in a design without a lock. They are designed to withstand high stress and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Read more...

Festo’s CPX platform for complete automation

29 October 2014

Improvements at the Marais Stream pumping station protected one area of Guernsey Island, UK, from the ravages of the rain this February. The pumping station, situated off les Banques not far from the capital of Guernsey, St Peter Port, is part of a network of facilities that form Guernsey Water’s infrastructure for the catchment, storage and transfer of raw water for the production of the island’s drinking water. Read more...

Siemens develops 9cm long piezohydraulic actuator

27 October 2014

Researchers at Siemens have developed a small but powerful piezo¬hydraulic actuator. Although it is only about 9cm long, it can apply a force of more than 150N – equivalent to a weight of 15kg. Such actuators are used to operate valves and flaps, for example, and can be employed in robots. Read more...

Pneumatic coaxial valves from Zoedale

24 October 2014

Coaxial pneumatic valves have been part of Zoedale’s range for a number of years. Typical Zoedale customers are replacing pneumatically actuated brass ball valves with Omal VIP Coaxial valves and really noticing the benefits. Read more...

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