Compact design for new coaxial gearboxes

28 July 2015

AUMA, the electric actuator manufacturer, has expanded its portfolio of modular valve control devices with a new range of GP coaxial gearboxes. The gearboxes are designed for gate and globe valve operation as well as part-turn applications, such as butterfly and ball valves. Read more...

Moog celebrates Apollo 11 Landing anniversary

27 July 2015

Moog Space and Defense Group is celebrating the 46th Anniversary of the landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon. Moog supported getting to the moon with many key components. The Saturn V launch vehicle, Lunar Module, Service Module and Command Module included a variety of propellant tanks built by Bell Aerosystems. Read more...

Airstroke air springs actuators from Firestone

27 July 2015

Flexible pneumatic Airstroke® air spring actuators from Firestone – including compact and easily installed Style 16 types – adjust to different load requirements simply by varying the air pressure contained within them. Read more...

Programmable actuator from Warner Linear

27 July 2015

Warner Linear, a specialist in the design and manufacture of electric actuators and controls, introduced the programmable S-Track actuator for general duty applications including conveyor diverter arms, light commercial and industrial, medical, turf & garden and recreational vehicles. Read more...

BERNARD CONTROLS website goes mobile-friendly

27 July 2015

BERNARD CONTROLS has redesigned its website to responsive web design, with an optimised interface for all devices: desktop, smartphone and tablet.

Built in a flexible way, it adapts itself to the screen size of the device used to access the site. Read more...

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