Warner linear K2x actuator

11 February 2016

OEM, a leading agriculture needed a reliable electric actuator for use on their new folding combine augers. Augers can range in size up to 28ft. long which allows for easy on-the-go unloading to adjacent wagons and trucks. Read more...

GEMÜ expands its valve range

10 February 2016

Ingelfingen-based valve specialist GEMÜ has recently responded to continually increasing demands in the industrial sector by expanding their range, which boasts of new developments for its globe valves. Read more...

BEI launches linear unhoused VCAs

9 February 2016

BEI Kimco has recently introduced a family of linear unhoused VCAs with aperture sizes of 15mm, 20mm, and 24.9mm. The through-hole design allows an OEM assembly to pass directly through the middle of the actuator, resulting in reduced weight, fewer parts and a more compact product overall. Read more...

Emerson protection receives SIL1 rating

8 February 2016

Operating safety-critical equipment without reliable machinery health insight to issues such as missed or false trips and alarms can keep operations unreliable and increase risk. Emerson Process Management’s CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor now has an IEC 61508:2010, Safety Integration Level (SIL) certification, Level 1, making it suitable for use in delivering reliable protection monitoring in environments as steam and gas turbines in power plants, critical refinery assets, nuclear industry critical assets, and other safety-critical applications. Read more...

New UT-MTL knife disconnects

25 January 2016

Phoenix Contact has introduced a newest knife disconnect terminal blocks, that features a quick and safe finger-actuation mechanism for test and measurement applications. The UT 4-MTL and UT 6-MTL’s finger levers enable technicians to safely perform circuit-polarity checks and troubleshooting without disrupting service. Read more...

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