Mechanical interlocks for better valve safety

19 August 2014

Mechanical interlocks reduce risks by ensuring dangerous processes happen only in a designated sequence. Interlocks are relatively simple, specialised, mechanical fit attachments to the host equipment. Read more...

The path of electric actuators landmark

19 August 2014

Electric actuators messages are in general routed to a range of locations with the help of a tree structure since the electric actuators path to a location can be identified using check filter regulator landmarks. Read more...

Piezo actuators for PIA shockwave generators

19 August 2014

Piezo shockwave generators of the series PIA from piezosytem jena are specially adapted systems that are capable of generating high accelerations (up to 500.000 m/s²). Shock source and sample are in contact before the impact. Read more...

High-torque actuators from Micromatic

19 August 2014

Micromatic offers a full range of actuators for a variety of industrial applications. Micromatic’s long life cycle actuators can withstand unfavourable environmental conditions and operator usage. Read more...

Orscheln electronic actuators with motor feedback

19 August 2014

Orscheln Products is supplying electronic actuators with motor feedback. The electronic ‘smart’ actuators are offered as a complete electronic shift actuator system, along with a push button shift selector, and can provide motor feedback through the use of a non-contact hall-effect sensor. Read more...

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