AUMA introduces fail safe actuator innovation

7 July 2015

For applications with significant hazard potential in the oil & gas sector and other industrial markets, fail safe actuators are required. These specialist devices automatically open and close valves in the event of emergency, even with disrupted power supply. Read more...

Centork launches modular valve actuation system

7 July 2015

Centork announced the launch of a modular electric valve actuation system designed to deliver a highly reliable, economical and flexible solution for duties and applications of all descriptions in many industries. Read more...

Positive reputation secures CVA selection

6 July 2015

Rotork CVA failsafe electric process valve actuators have been selected for a critical flow control application in the Australian coal mining industry.

Salcan Process Technology manufactures wellhead skids designed for coal mine degassing duties. Read more...

Parker Sporlan transcritical valves & controllers

6 July 2015

Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation has released a new range of Parker Sporlan valves and controllers rated 140 bar for transcritical CO2 (R-744) high-pressure systems.

The product range is designed to satisfy equipment manufacturers’ control needs in the field of CO2 transcritical systems using a high-pressure flash tank. Read more...

ISHN Readers Choice Award for CBS ArcSafe actuator

5 July 2015

The CBS ArcSafe® RSA-174F remote switch actuator designed to safely and remotely operate circuit breakers outside the arc-flash zone has won ISHN magazine’s 2015 Readers’ Choice Award. The magazine’s readers voted on the product to win in the Arc Flash Protection category. Read more...

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