Doedijns supplies extremely fast actuator

22 April 2014

Doedijns delivered customised actuators used for a safety valve for a compressor package for the Yanbu Export Refinery Project.

In this case, the compressor can exceed to overpressure mode. In the unlikely event that this happens, the valve must open in tens of seconds to prevent the compressor from exploding. Read more...

Low-voltage stacks from Noliac for tunable lasers

22 April 2014

Noliac's low-voltage piezo actuators (down to 60V) are often used for fine positioning of optical mirrors in tunable lasers. The piezo actuators can be customised according to dimensions and material.

A laser emits light through a process called stimulated emission. Read more...

Horizon auto-drive glass-handling truck

22 April 2014

The Horizon auto-drive glass-handling truck is a glass lifter designed for in-shop use to assist glass workers and glaziers to unload, rotate, transport and lay large sheets of glass flat onto a cutting table or tempering line. Read more...

Ring actuators with new dimensions from PI Ceramic

22 April 2014

Round Multilayer Piezo Actuators from PI Ceramic are now available in 8.5mm, 16mm and 36mm, and provide travel ranges of 5.5µm to 25µm. Their outer diameter is 8mm with a 4.5mm diameter of the inner hole. Read more...

Customised electric actuator for Ichthys project

22 April 2014

Biffi Italia, part of Pentair Actuation & Controls platform, has successfully shipped four EGR 50K electric actuators for installation on the Ichthys gas project in Australia’s Northern Territory. Read more...

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