New micro-valve Type 6712 from B├╝rkert

31 March 2015

Bürkert has developed a new WhisperValve micro-valve tailored to meet the requirements for fluid control systems in medical technologies.

With a width of 7mm and a height of 26mm, the new media separated 2/2-way micro-valve fits in miniature apparatus. Read more...

Ultraprecision position controller from PI

27 March 2015

Besides offering ultraprecision position control with up to 250mm/sec speeds, PI's innovative new V-273 PIMag™ Voice Coil Linear Actuator and compact C-413 PIMag™ Controller provide a revolutionary combination of capabilities for high-throughput generation of precision forces and positions. Read more...

ZEISS offers new ultra load stage

26 March 2015

ZEISS announced the new Ultra Load Stage for ZEISS Xradia Ultra 3D X-ray microscopes (XRM). Xradia Ultra Load Stage uniquely enables in situ nanomechanical testing – compression, tension, indentation – with non-destructive 3D tomographic imaging. Read more...

Positioning in the mm-range with piezosystem jena

25 March 2015

piezosystem jena released stages with a large travel range of up to several millimetres to offer a more complete line of customised solutions. These stages can be used as single units or in combination with piezoelectric stages for a variety of applications. Read more...

Communicating room controller for EC fan

24 March 2015

Regin supplemented its RCF room controller series for fan-coil units with a new model for control of next-generation energy saving fans with EC motors.

EC-fans constitute the latest generation of fans.

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