SIKO introduces new wire-actuated encoder

1 September 2014

SIKO launched the new SG150 wire-actuated encoder that provides a compact design for a measurement range up to 15m, even with a single-layer winding, making it virtually unique on the market.

The SG150 wire-actuated encoder offers a wide variety of potential applications by making it possible to fit various encoders, irrespective of which signal output is required. Read more...

RCP5 actuator with battery-less absolute encoder

1 September 2014

The RCP5 series actuator with battery-less absolute encoder provides the convenience of an absolute encoder with the cost and simplicity of an incremental encoder.

A battery-less absolute encoder is an absolute encoder that verifies the current position based on the interlocked gear position. Read more...

New EPCOS copper piezo actuators for automotive

1 September 2014

TDK Corporation presents the third generation of EPCOS piezo actuators with copper internal electrodes, which offer both improved performance and higher cost-effectiveness. These actuators are characterized by their outstanding stability and reliability. Read more...

New rack and pinion actuator from ROLLON

1 September 2014

Ideal for fast, long travel applications with high accuracy requirements, the new R-Plus System rack-and-pinion actuator from ROLLON provides consistent rigidity and high axial forces throughout its stroke. Read more...

Rotork CVA delivers accurate pressure control

27 August 2014

Rotork’s innovative CVA electric control valve actuators are enabling the Sydney Water Corporation in Australia to control the pressure in the city’s water supply network with greatly increased response and accuracy. Read more...

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