AUMA meets Eraring deadline for electric actuation

11 November 2013

Eraring coal-fired power station in New South Wales, Australia, located close to Dora Creek and Lake Macquarie, has selected AUMA electric actuators supplied by Barron GJM to actuate the dam discharge valves. Of the 34 units commissioned, 24 were installed within one week to meet urgent actuation requirements.
The actuators are adopted at the attemperating dam, a closed loop cooling system for the power station designed to be used in the hotter months of the year. AUMA units support a scheme designed to reduce thermal pollution in Lake Macquarie. The actuation technology is adopted on discharge valves to control flow of cooling water from the dam to the power station. AUMA actuators with controls were supplied to support the scheme’s distributed control system.
The scheme’s original actuators were damaged and urgent remedial action was required. A key reason for the adoption of AUMA actuators was the ability to remotely mount the integrated controls, this enables easy access to the local controls, and minimises risk of flood damage if a water leak occurs.

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